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  • Vocal Health Assessment

  • Full Role Coaching - music and languages (Italian, French and Italian)

  • Recording/Studio Coaching: Lessons in preparation and warm up/coaching on the day

  • Voice production/projection/preservation coaching for public speakers/teachers etc

  • Career Advice

Audition Preparation

  • Chorister and Choral Society Auditions

  • University/Drama School/Performing Arts School auditions

  • Music Conservatoire auditions

  • Television audition preparation

  • Professional/amateur production audition preparation and role coaching

School Singing

  • School choral/music scholarship auditions

  • School concert preparation and repertoire advice

  • GCSE/A Level repertoire, performance coaching and recording

  • Adolescent voice change consultation and advice

Qualifications in Singing

  • ABRSM and Trinity exams in Classical singing, Musical Theatre and Pop/Rock Vocals: Grades 1-Diploma (100% pass rate, 80% distinction rate).

  • Online performance grades- preparation and video submissions.

  • Aural test/sight singing tuition.

Personal/Special Occasion Singing

  • Preparing to sing at a special wedding or function.

  • Ear training: Those with intonation problems or who think that they might be 'tone deaf'. (This really can be improved and resolved in most cases!)

  • BYOB - Bring Your Own Baby! Relaxed, fun singing lessons for mum and baby to enjoy together.

  • Singing for fun! Singing relieves stress, releases endorphines and is proven to be one of the best therapies for depression and anxiety. 

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